Saskatchewan Research Council (SRC) and CIM Magazine have collaborated to bring you the Diamond Webinar Series. Through it, SRC will share key learnings from their research and experience in diamond processing, as well as mineral processing and analysis, to assist mining companies achieve greater efficiencies in their operations. They will also discuss what technologies are needed to better recover the various diamond populations.


1st Webinar: Why plant recovery audits improve performance - Tuesday, Feb. 26, 12:00pm to 1:00pm EST

In the series opener, Why plant recovery audits improve performance, experts from SRC’s Mining and Minerals team and the Geoanalytical Laboratories Diamond Services, Jane Danoczi and Mike McCubbing, will walk you through what’s involved in a plant audit, the benefits of doing one and how to implement an audit at your plant.   

A plant audit provides important quantifiable information on the performance of a processing plant. A plant audit determines:

»If the technology used in a process is optimal for the ore characteristics being treated;

»If the correct operating parameters are set on the various processing equipment;

»Whether additional process/technology should be incorporated into the plant design.

Regular audits of the ore and plant provide information on the characteristics of the ore body and identify variances in the ore characteristics relative to the operating plant design. With this information, engineers and plant operation managers can adapt the plant operating parameters proactively to ensure efficient recovery.

Orebody characteristics change vertically and laterally due to heterogeneity inherent in the geological processes. These variations can be identified and addressed through periodic orebody and recovery plant audits.


About the presenters

Jane Danoczi, Pr.Sci.Nat, B.Sc. (Physics & Applied Mathematics), M.Sc. (Metallurgy) is a Senior Process Engineer in the Saskatchewan Research Council’s Mining and Minerals Division. She previously served as Manager, Process Design at Shore Gold Inc., CEO of Danoczi Solutions and Senior Research Officer at De Beers. In addition to corporate management and leadership, she has 28 years of experience in researching and developing technologies used in mines and is best known for her work in diamond recovery technologies.

 rel=Mike McCubbing, P.Geo, is the Supervisor of the Saskatchewan Research Council’s Geoanalytical Laboratories Diamond Services team. He is a graduate of the University of Saskatchewan with a B.Sc. in Geology. He has 17 years’ experience in laboratory techniques of diamond processing, including micro diamond extraction by caustic fusion and kimberlite processing by dense media separation for macro diamond recovery. More recently, Mike has been involved in developing Applied Diamond Services at SRC, which focuses on data collection and presentation of kimberlite mini-bulk processing and diamond parcel characteristics. He has served as chairperson and director for the Mineral Deposits Division of the Geological Association of Canada and is a registered professional geoscientist with APEGS.

What is the Diamond Webinar Series?

In this series of four webinars, SRC’s experts will share valuable insights on the following topics:

1. Plant Recovery Audits Register now for the first in the series.

2. Comminution, Liberation and Diamond Breakage

3. Magnetic Susceptibility Assessments

4. Diamond Typing, Luminescence and Optical Sorting

Who is this webinar series for? 

Geologists, consultants, mine supervisors/managers, plant design consultants and engineers, and process and environmental engineers who work for mining companies or who are interested in learning about operational improvements.

What are the learning objectives for the webinar series?

Educate: Help companies learn to find process efficiencies so they can improve yields and increase profitability

Identify: Provide solutions to potential issues mine operators might face

About SRC

SRC is one of Canada’s leading providers of applied research, development and demonstration (RD&D) and technology commercialization. SRC focuses its efforts on the mining, minerals, agriculture, biotechnology and energy sectors, and the environmental considerations that are important across each sector.

SRC Mining and Minerals provides an extensive range of services, analysis and processes that meet industry needs across the mining cycle for a wide range of minerals. We provide technological solutions and testing in exploration, design and feasibility, operations and closure.

SRC Geoanalytical Laboratories Diamond Services has provided the international diamond industry with dependable kimberlite exploration services for over 25 years, including kimberlite indicator mineral (KIMs) processing and observation facility, micro diamond extraction by caustic fusion, and kimberlite processing and diamond recovery, including the secure sorting and characterization of macro diamonds at our kimberlite mini-bulk sample plant. 

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