Mining Lore

Klondike Kate

Jordan Faries

Shaaw Tláa, part of the prospectors group who kicked off the Yukon gold rush, is finally recognized for essential role in Canada’s mining history

The father of modern geology

Kylie Williams

James Hutton, a failed lawyer and doctor, was the first person to suggest that Earth was millions, rather than thousands, of years old and established geology as a true science

Hard rock mining on the Rock

Cecilia Keating

Canadian hard rock miners carried out critical tunnelling work at Gibraltar during the Second World War

The mischievous Muki

Jordan Faries

In Andean folklore, a goblin with mysterious motives roams through the tunnels of underground mines

Heaven’s metals

Cecilia Keating

In ancient Egypt, gold and other metals had deep religious significance

Mining’s Bohemian boomtown

The tiny mining town of Joachimsthal was an inspiration for many famous scientists