It is well known that uncoated equipment will corrode in the harsh environments in which miners operate. But the battle against the elements may have a fancy new coat of arms. Sherwin-Williams’ Dura-Plate 301 Series epoxy systems can be applied over damp and rusted substrates at just a few degrees above freezing. These innovations can prevent rust and extend the life of assets by broadening feasible coating schedules, allowing for more cost-effective maintenance and less overall downtime. “Especially in the mining industry, you can have some very aggressive environments that will eat your steel and cause it to corrode at a much faster rate than normal,” said Bruce Toews, global market director for process industries with Sherwin- Williams. “Traditional epoxies cannot be applied below 50 F [10 C], but with this product you can work substantially below that, even over damp steel.” These coatings can be applied over a wide range of surface preparation techniques, including water jetting, abrasive blasting and power tool cleaning, allowing for quicker in-field maintenance and lower labour costs.