Net-Zero Challenge will examine the challenges involved with reducing greenhouse gases and eliminating carbon footprints, and it will also look at the opportunities those actions can represent. 

 The future is now
Mining companies need to put aside any uncertainties and start reducing carbon emissions today
By Kelsey Rolfe

 Net-zero investment

Companies need both short-term and long-term emission-reduction plans and investors want to know what they are
By Kelsey Rolfe

The thin edge of the wedge

Limited by geography and resources, exploration-stage companies turn to site-efficiency projects and carbon offsets to reduce GHG footprints
By Kelsey Rolfe

The mineral processing footprint

Miners are being challenged to improve processing energy efficiency on all possible fronts
By Kelsey Rolfe

The carbon picture

Mines are using tools to track emissions, not only for their own benefit but for their customers’
By Kelsey Rolfe

All in on trolley assist

The technology will play a key role in helping Copper Mountain reach its ambitious goal of net-zero carbon emissions by 2035
By Kelsey Rolfe

At the turning point

Rather than being “first to be second,” mining companies must take risks on new technology implementations now if they hope to meet their future net-zero goals
By Kelsey Rolfe

Examining a wider scope

Mining companies are communicating with suppliers and customers about upstream and downstream emissions in attempts to meet emissions targets
By Kelsey Rolfe

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