Mining Lore

The miner’s friend

Cecilia Keating

How a 17th century mining challenge spawned the Industrial Revolution

Lake Superior’s Silver Island

Kaaria Quash

Silver Islet was one of Canada’s most profitable silver mines, until it was destroyed by a storm over Lake Superior

Roughing it in search of Cariboo gold

Jen Glanville

A gold rush in British Columbia’s Cariboo region spurred on the economic development of the colony that would become Canada’s west coast province

Klondike Kate

Jordan Faries

Shaaw Tláa, part of the prospecting group that kicked off the Yukon gold rush, is finally recognized for essential role in Canada’s mining history

The father of modern geology

Kylie Williams

James Hutton, a failed lawyer and doctor, was the first person to suggest that Earth was millions, rather than thousands, of years old and established geology as a true science

Measuring mine life

Perhaps the single most critical decision in the development of a mining project is the determination of the size of the operation. How big will the mine and mill be? What will be the daily and annual throughput? Hugh Taylor had an answer.

Sweet success

The team at Harte Gold is taking a staged approach to bring its Sugar Zone operation to full production