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Ryan Bergen, Editor-in-chief

Some thoughts on surviving the withering stare of angry teens

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Water pressure

Alexandra Lopez-Pacheco

Essential, long-undervalued and in some locations increasingly scarce, the water that flows in and out of operations in the service of mineral processing is a growing preoccupation for miners


Something to believe in

Roy Slack, CIM President

The more recent applications of the technology available to us add a whole new perspective on our journey to zero injuries


The not-so-silent threat

Tim Edwards

Despite the increased focus on safety in mining, miners still need to take matters into their own hands when it comes to protecting their hearing


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McEwen Mining Innovation Lunch & Learn Series

Digital twins in mining and mineral processing

Sohail Nazari

A digital replica of a mineral processing plant won't recover any metals on its own, but it is an essential element to optimizing operations using the latest technologies available. Sohail Nazari of Andritz explains

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