A hybrid approach to asset management

Dr. Vasileios Geroulas, with contributions from Dr. Kevin Knill and Adi Dhora

Even with imperfect data, asset management routines can be improved by combining engineering and machine learning

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How to trim diesel from the power diet

Herb Mathisen

By automating energy management, microgrids allow miners to integrate more renewable energy into their power mix and empower batteries to step up and do the work of redundant gensets


Beyond the bottom line

Ryan Bergen, Editor-in-chief

Projects reliant on new technology are heavy with risks that not many companies are prepared to carry


A new work ethic

Kelsey Rolfe

Shastri Ramnath and Ashley Kirwan are building the mining firm of the future by creating an inclusive culture and choosing not to work with “problematic people”


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McEwen Mining Innovation Lunch & Learn Series

Digital twins in mining and mineral processing

Sohail Nazari

A digital replica of a mineral processing plant won't recover any metals on its own, but it is an essential element to optimizing operations using the latest technologies available. Sohail Nazari of Andritz explains

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