Cyanide reconsidered

Kristen Frisa

Canadians are involved in trials that aim to reduce the use of cyanide or eliminate it entirely

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Examining a wider scope

Kelsey Rolfe

Mining companies are communicating with suppliers and customers about upstream and downstream emissions in attempts to meet emissions targets


Gold collection

Rosalind Stefanac

While the technology is still evolving, gravity separation is helping recover more gold than ever before


Questions around heavy equipment

Carolyn Gruske

Large haul trucks are one of the main focuses for cutting carbon emissions at mines, but there is no one right answer for dealing with them


The Safety Share webinar series

SPONSORED BY CIM Magazine and CIM Health& Safety Society

Join us for a presentation and Q&A about a wearable fatigue device for mobile operators in an open-pit setting


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Break the Code, Not the Rock: Computed Tomography for Potash

Sponsored by CIM Magazine and Saskatchewan Research Council

X-ray computed tomography (CT) scanning is a non-destructive technique that reveals detailed 3-D structures that cannot be identified by visualization or 2-D X-ray radiography. 

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