The glory in closing a mine

Alexandra Lopez-Pacheco

Integrated approaches to mine planning that include sustainable closure and reclamation plans and consider the potential for shared value for various stakeholders are becoming increasingly important

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Sudbury becomes a major nickel producer

Ailbhe Goodbody

In this edition of Mining the Archives, we examine the development of Sudbury as a Canadian nickel hub, which later became an example of how pollution-impacted lands can be reclaimed successfully


The future of development drilling

Nathan Munn

As equipment manufacturers embrace automation and data-driven decision-making, development drilling at underground mines is becoming safer, greener and more efficient


Greener backfill

Lynn Greiner

Lowering the carbon footprint of cemented paste backfill can contribute to lower CO2 emissions from underground mining operations


Pivotal times in mining and metallurgy

Ian Pearce, CIM President

 I am convinced that looking back 30 years from now, we will see an industry as transformed as today’s is when compared to the early days of my career in the 1970s and 1980s


A restart 15 years in the making

Trish Saywell

Mining at the McClean Lake uranium mine in Saskatchewan, which has been suspended since 2009, will restart in 2025 using technology developed to extract high-grade ore from small ore bodies


Plugging the permafrost

Sarah St-Pierre

Backfill specialists are turning the challenging conditions of mining in the Arctic into opportunities for innovation


May 17, 2024

The youth perspective on the industry

Ailbhe Goodbody

CIM Connect’s youngest presenter, a 12-year-old from Toronto, shared her views on responsible mining and resource management

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Mission Critical: Strategy and Execution

CIM Magazine and SGS Natural Resources

Mission Critical is a live online series from CIM Magazine and SGS focused on the development of Canada's store of critical minerals. David Anonychuk, global VP of metallurgy and consulting at SGS and CIM Magazine Editor Ryan Bergen will bring in industry leaders to dig into the practical, political and financial questions around what it will take to make good on this "generational opportunity." Join us for Episode 1: Strategy and Execution, with Chris Evans, lithium sector veteran and managing director at Winsome Resources, and Marcella Munro, head of regulatory and government affairs at Teck Resources, as they share their insight and expertise.

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