Principles into practice

Tijana Mitrovic

Codifying UNDRIP into Canadian law is only the beginning. The challenge comes in understanding how to implement it, and how to engage Indigenous stakeholders in meaningful consultations

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Improved intelligence

Matthew Parizot

The use of artificial intelligence in the mining industry is still finding its footing, but new technologies could see it impact every part of an operation


Chipping away at cyanide

Herb Mathisen

Rebecca Payant explains how St Barbara Limited’s Atlantic Operations saved $3 million a year by fine-tuning its cyanide use


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Break the Code, Not the Rock: Computed Tomography for Potash

Sponsored by CIM Magazine and Saskatchewan Research Council

X-ray computed tomography (CT) scanning is a non-destructive technique that reveals detailed 3-D structures that cannot be identified by visualization or 2-D X-ray radiography. 

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