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Damage control

Alexandra Lopez-Pacheco

Preventive tire maintenance strategy at Copper Mountain rolls back operating costs


Disrupting the core shack

Kylie Williams

Kore Geosystems next-generation visual core logging technology streamlines and automates workflows in the core shack, freeing up geologists to apply their knowledge to interpret the data


Approvability studies

Roy Slack, President of CIM

Despite the best efforts and intentions in applying traditional solutions, projects end up over budget and behind schedule.


Racing toward innovation

Ashley Joseph

Greg Brouwer talks about Teck’s RACE21, the multi-pronged approach to transform the company through automation and digitalization


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McEwen Mining Innovation Lunch & Learn Series

Digital twins in mining and mineral processing

Sohail Nazari

A digital replica of a mineral processing plant won't recover any metals on its own, but it is an essential element to optimizing operations using the latest technologies available. Sohail Nazari of Andritz explains

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