A race to the finish

Alexandra Lopez-Pacheco

Collaborative teamwork was required to successfully decommission the K1 and K2 shafts at Mosaic’s Esterhazy potash complex earlier than originally planned, amid the challenges of time constraints and the difficulties of the COVID-19 pandemic

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Fill in the details

Ailbhe Goodbody

Paterson & Cooke’s Maureen McGuinness discusses the evolution of backfill and the key role it has to play in mine planning


Mining in the metaverse

Rosalind Stefanac

Beyond gaming and retail applications, the virtual world is showing major promise for training in the mining sector


Potash production comes to the Prairies

Ailbhe Goodbody

The origin stories of our industry are contained within the digital archives of the CIM Bulletin, the predecessor to CIM Magazine. We examine how a chance discovery by oil exploration drillers in 1943 led to Saskatchewan becoming a leading global potash producer


A foot in the door

Sarah St-Pierre

An industry-backed training program is helping to boost the Indigenous workforce in Saskatchewan’s potash industry


April 05, 2024

Empowering tomorrow’s engineers

Ashley Fish-Robertson

Camp Engies offers camps geared at inspiring young girls to pursue careers and education in engineering and related fields

April 04, 2024

First pour at Côté Gold

Silvia Pikal

The project has the potential to become one of the largest operating gold mines in Canada

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Mission Critical: Strategy and Execution

CIM Magazine and SGS Natural Resources

Mission Critical is a live online series from CIM Magazine and SGS focused on the development of Canada's store of critical minerals. David Anonychuk, global VP of metallurgy and consulting at SGS and CIM Magazine Editor Ryan Bergen will bring in industry leaders to dig into the practical, political and financial questions around what it will take to make good on this "generational opportunity." Join us for Episode 1: Strategy and Execution, with Chris Evans, lithium sector veteran and managing director at Winsome Resources, and Marcella Munro, head of regulatory and government affairs at Teck Resources, as they share their insight and expertise.

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