The copper project pipeline

Alexandra Lopez-Pacheco

Both small and medium-sized companies will have big roles in meeting a growing demand for the metal 

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The ore haulage revolution

Matthew Parizot

While haul trucks and shovels have been used in mining for decades, new technologies born from electrification have begun to upend how mines think about ore haulage


Names to Know 2022

Ryan Bergen, Lynn Greiner, Carolyn Gruske, Tijana Mitrovic, Matthew Parizot, Rosalind Stefanac, Sarah St-Pierre, Mehanaz Yakub

The 10 people profiled here are emblematic of the vision and energy that is driving the industry forward


A new way to drill

Olivia Johnson

Innovations in limiting waste, navigating drill holes and reducing noise pollution are improving the ways companies mine


The made-up stress of potash

Sarah Treleaven

University of Saskatchewan graduate student, Latham Hamlin investigates the mineral’s elastic and time-dependent properties in order to make mining operations safer


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Break the Code, Not the Rock: Computed Tomography for Potash

Sponsored by CIM Magazine and Saskatchewan Research Council

X-ray computed tomography (CT) scanning is a non-destructive technique that reveals detailed 3-D structures that cannot be identified by visualization or 2-D X-ray radiography. 

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