Hitting the reset button

Kylie Williams

Trevali Mining Corporation placed its Caribou zinc-lead-silver mine into “hot” care and maintenance in March 2020 but restarted the mine stronger and more efficiently just 11 months later, with a healthy hedging deal in place, reduced production costs and new opportunities in the pipeline for the company and the Bathurst region of northern New Brunswick.

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Diamond versus diamond

Carolyn Gruske

Lab-created diamonds may cost a fraction of the price of naturally produced and mined stones, but they are still diamonds in all the physical, chemical and optical ways that count. Whether consumers see them as true diamonds is another story.

Learning to get a job on the job

Tijana Mitrovic

Work-integrated learning placements such as co-ops give students experience and networking opportunities that can be leveraged during job searches

ISO 23875: New Cab Air Quality Standard

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Step-by-step performance requirements to reduce occupational exposure in heavy machinery cabs and operator enclosures


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McEwen Mining Innovation Lunch & Learn Series

Digital twins in mining and mineral processing

Sohail Nazari

A digital replica of a mineral processing plant won't recover any metals on its own, but it is an essential element to optimizing operations using the latest technologies available. Sohail Nazari of Andritz explains

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