The future of development drilling

Nathan Munn

As equipment manufacturers embrace automation and data-driven decision-making, development drilling at underground mines is becoming safer, greener and more efficient

Plugging the permafrost

Sarah St-Pierre

Backfill specialists are turning the challenging conditions of mining in the Arctic into opportunities for innovation

Greener backfill

Lynn Greiner

Lowering the carbon footprint of cemented paste backfill can contribute to lower CO2 emissions from underground mining operations

A race to the finish

Alexandra Lopez-Pacheco

Collaborative teamwork was required to successfully decommission the K1 and K2 shafts at Mosaic’s Esterhazy potash complex earlier than originally planned, amid the challenges of time constraints and the difficulties of the COVID-19 pandemic

On the straight and narrow

Catherine Hercus

Technology is helping to improve the accuracy of information obtained from exploration drill holes

Mining in the metaverse

Rosalind Stefanac

Beyond gaming and retail applications, the virtual world is showing major promise for training in the mining sector