Underground air support

Kelsey Rolfe

Unmanned aerial vehicles bring safer surveying and quicker decision-making to Hoyle Pond mine

The demands of ventilation

Alexandra Lopez-Pacheco

Ventilation on demand technologies are evolving and reducing energy costs and improving production

Disrupting the core shack

Kylie Williams

Kore Geosystems next-generation visual core logging technology streamlines and automates workflows in the core shack, freeing up geologists to apply their knowledge to interpret the data

Damage control

Alexandra Lopez-Pacheco

Preventive tire maintenance strategy at Copper Mountain rolls back operating costs

Getting a complete picture

Matthew Coyte

The SSR-Omni from GroundProbe provides miners with a full 360-degree radar sweep to monitor slope conditions

Excellon wins the water war

Fed up with production delays due to water ingress, Excellon Resources developed a comprehensive dewatering project at its Platosa mine in Mexico that helped double production

The key to a burning problem

BBA recently acquired a technology to assess self-heating sulfides, a ubiquitous issue few mining companies admit to