How to talk shop

Alan Chong

The key to workplace communication is to identify and speak to three important aspects of your audience, no matter who they are

Financing tips for a tight market

Mauro Chiesa

Do your homework, take a dose of humility and a few other tips to give your project a chance in today’s capital markets

Education in crisis

Roy Slack, President of CIM

The mining industry is in need of qualified professionals now and even more so in the future

Mining, waste and a new way of thinking

Kaaria Quash

In 2018, the Government of Quebec mandated a study on the circular economy and metals in the province. Some organizations have already started to integrate these strategies and may become a launching pad for other businesses to follow suit.

A productive partner

Herb Mathisen

Alexandre Cervinka, CEO of Newtrax Technologies, says Sandvik acquisition opens the portal to underground mines around the world

Mining mentorship programs abound but don’t solve industry’s retention challenge

Mentorship programs have their benefits but shouldn’t be the only solution to mining’s diversity problem. Part of our We Are Mining series

Delivering a sustainable future

There is no doubt mining has stepped its game up when it comes to engagement and sustainability, but there is still more work to be done