Future Prospects

Essential skills

Sara King-Abadi

For young Indigenous People like Steven Thomas, MiHR’s Mining Essentials program provides the boost necessary for a career in the mining industry

The industrial incubator

Carolyn Gruske

Mining tech entrepreneur Shelby Yee on the productive potential of startups and miners working together

How to talk shop

Alan Chong

The key to workplace communication is to identify and speak to three important aspects of your audience, no matter who they are

Standing out from the pack

Virginia Heffernan

Andrée St-Germain, Integra Resources CFO, has already served as an executive for three separate mining companies before turning 40 years old

Institutional innovation

Alexandra Lopez-Pacheco

As the mining industry reinvents itself with cutting-edge automation and digitalization technologies, universities are transforming their offerings to ensure students will have the skills to meet the industry’s rapidly evolving needs and play a part in leading the change.