The golden key?

Alexandra Lopez-Pacheco

Narrow vein extraction method borrows technologies from other industries to unlock ounces

Striking gold

Ashley Joseph

The National Research Council has joined forces with a number of mining companies to test out the world’s first on-site gold analyzer tool

Ground breakers

Alexandra Lopez-Pacheco

Comminution takes an oversized chunk of global energy demand. These are six ideas on how to break down that inefficiency

An eye on the inside

Kylie Williams

An optical probe is being tested at Kingston Process Metallurgy’s laboratory in Ontario and three smelters around the globe to monitor and predict flash furnace efficiency as copper concentrate feed compositions change

Monument to the future

Kylie Williams

Modular construction keeps Mosaic’s Esterhazy K3 mine expansion on budget and on schedule

Wear panels with impact

Matthew Parizot

A hybrid wear panel that will last significantly longer than steel wear panels

Mining companies adopt flexible work policies to accommodate new mothers

“People are going to start demanding those things”: women say flexibility is necessary in returning to work after childbirth. Part of our We Are Mining series

Play the angles

A Canadian company is developing mining technology that could be a boon to miners when it comes to exploiting difficult-to-access deposits