A new era in shaft sinking

Alexandra Lopez-Pacheco

Tunnelling equipment manufacturer Herrenknecht adapts its technology to sink shafts, supplanting the need to blast, and proving its capabilities in projects located in Saskatchewan and Belarus

Strategies change, values don’t

Roy Slack, CIM President

Protecting our people and supporting the communities that we live and work in are just some of the many values that form our ethics system

A new spin on an old concept

Carolyn Gruske

A railway-inspired turntable allows Alamos to drive Alimaks into two separate raises from a single location

Getting the message across

Linda Stuart

Mine age, size and existing infrastructure drive the choices of which communications technology platform to adopt, as do communication goals.

A hybrid approach to asset management

Dr. Vasileios Geroulas, with contributions from Dr. Kevin Knill and Adi Dhora

Even with imperfect data, asset management routines can be improved by combining engineering and machine learning

An eye on the inside

An optical probe is being tested at Kingston Process Metallurgy’s laboratory in Ontario and three smelters around the globe to monitor and predict flash furnace efficiency as copper concentrate feed compositions change

All in for electric

Nouveau Monde Graphite's all-electric graphite mine in Quebec is closer to reality, as the company now has both a feasibility study and an offtake agreement for its Matawinie project