Kombat mine is back in town

Alexandra Lopez-Pacheco

A formerly flooded and shuttered mine in the Namibian desert has come back to life and is supplying life-giving water for farming operations

End-to-end integration

Carolyn Gruske

Operators are finding big wins by taking a holistic, data-driven approach to pit-to-port strategies

Reaching out for talent

Kelsey Rolfe

Mining companies are having to promote themselves, and compete with other industries, in the hunt for employees with high-tech skills

From gravel pit to gold mine

Herb Mathisen

On the surface, Orla Mining’s Camino Rojo gold oxide mine is about as conventional as they come, but dig deeper and it starts to get a little complex

Thinking ahead

Lynn Greiner

As the use of artificial intelligence and machine learning in mining is becoming more commonplace, research is underway to automate every part of a mining operation