A new spin on an old concept

Carolyn Gruske

A railway-inspired turntable allows Alamos to drive Alimaks into two separate raises from a single location

Big dream, narrow focus

Kylie Williams

Installation of a roof-mounted twin monorail system will create an underground mine with traffic flowing in both directions at one of Torex Gold’s mines in Mexico

Lustre restored

Kylie Williams

Barkerville Gold Mines has put in the work to redefine the famed Cariboo Gold resource and spark a renaissance of British Columbia’s historic Barkerville mining district 

Planning for closure in the oil sands

Gillian Woodford

Mine closure designer Neeltje Slingerland argues that better tailings planning now will mean a smoother – and cheaper – path to reclamation

Oil sands: New technologies on trial

Companies pushing the envelope with new techniques for in-situ oil sands extraction

Monument to the future

Modular construction keeps Mosaic’s Esterhazy K3 mine expansion on budget and on schedule