Sudbury becomes a major nickel producer

Ailbhe Goodbody

In this edition of Mining the Archives, we examine the development of Sudbury as a Canadian nickel hub, which later became an example of how pollution-impacted lands can be reclaimed successfully

A restart 15 years in the making

Trish Saywell

Mining at the McClean Lake uranium mine in Saskatchewan, which has been suspended since 2009, will restart in 2025 using technology developed to extract high-grade ore from small ore bodies

A race to the finish

Alexandra Lopez-Pacheco

Collaborative teamwork was required to successfully decommission the K1 and K2 shafts at Mosaic’s Esterhazy potash complex earlier than originally planned, amid the challenges of time constraints and the difficulties of the COVID-19 pandemic

Potash production comes to the Prairies

Ailbhe Goodbody

The origin stories of our industry are contained within the digital archives of the CIM Bulletin, the predecessor to CIM Magazine. We examine how a chance discovery by oil exploration drillers in 1943 led to Saskatchewan becoming a leading global potash producer

The electric future

Lynn Greiner

Sedgman details how it designed a fully electric gold processing plant for Artemis Gold’s Blackwater mine in central B.C.

From coal pit to prairieland

Silvia Pikal

The Sheerness coal mine in Alberta is well on its way to reclamation, while a mineral lying on top of its coal provides an opportunity for growth