Volume 16 No. 3

May 2021

FEATURE: Diamond versus diamond—Even though man-made diamonds have the potential to satisfy our appetite for sparkle, they may never rock the mined-diamond industry

TECHNOLOGY: New digital measuring tools are simplifying geotechnical engineering in challenging environments

PROJECT PROFILE: Trevali restarted the shuttered Caribou mine with a new lease on life

Volume 16 No. 2

March/April 2021

Rediscovering Aukam: A significant deposit located in a previously abandoned mine in Namibia means Gratomic is poised to become the world’s largest producer of vein graphite
Continuous flow: New digital tools and sensor technology complement the environmental and cost advantages of conveyor transport

Volume 16 No. 1

February 2021

The two sides of the coal story: While the demand for thermal coal evaporates, metallurgical coal is a growing commodity
Managing with an Eagle eye: Despite COVID-19 and the uncertainty the pandemic caused, Victoria Gold ramped up a new Yukon gold mine in 2020

Volume 15 No. 8

December 2020/January 2021

FEATURE: Drones for geophysics taking off
PROJECT PROFILE: The $1.7 billion Iamgold Côté Gold project
TECHNOLOGY: A new era of safety equipment comes in the form of unobtrusive wearable technologies that allow companies to reshape their health and safety protocols

Volume 15 No. 7

November 2020

The blast felt around the world: The fallout from the decision to expand a Pilbara iron mine at the expense of an Indigenous People’s heritage site offers the opportunity to re-examine just what is free, prior and informed consent

Volume 15 No. 6

October 2020

COVID-19 breeds creativity: The pandemic has engineers adopting new approaches and technologies to deliver services to miners


Volume 15 No. 5

August/September 2020

Innovation acceleration: COVID-19 and today’s new business realities spark activity at mining innovation hubs

Renaissance in Red Lake: A rich database with over a million metres of drill results, and a new geological model gave PureGold confidence to build its mine in Red Lake, Ontario

Volume 15 No. 4

July 2020

Names to Know 2020: The people bringing new strategies, new technologies and new perspectives to the mining industry

Volume 15 No. 3

May/June 2020

FEATURE: Zeroing in on carbon
As miners commit to reducing their carbon footprints, the scope of that commitment continues to grow
PLUS: The elements of hydrogen-powered mining | High-efficiency gensets, fuel flexibility and smart load-shedding help cut diesel needs at Agnico Eagle’s Meliadine cogeneration plant