Volume 16 No. 8

December 2021/January 2022

Feature—An energized future: To combat climate change and to assuage investors, mining and exploration companies are taking strides to deploy alternatives to traditional fossil fuels to power their operations
Project Profile—Copper Mountain Mining Corporation looks to boost production while lowering GHG emissions and advancing progressive reclamation activities at its flagship mine in B.C.

Volume 16 No. 7

November 2021

International disputes: Companies that mine or explore in foreign jurisdictions are increasingly finding themselves at odds with their host nations

Reviving New Britannia: By upgrading an old mill and further developing the Lalor mine, Hudbay is determined to get the most out of Snow Lake’s gold

PLUS: Next Steps for mining students—Graduate school, certificate programs and other venues lead to professional growth and new career paths

Volume 16 No. 6

October 2021

Codifying UNDRIP into Canadian law: The challenge comes in understanding how to implement it, and how to engage Indigenous stakeholders in meaningful consultations
Cheetah Resources starts small at Nechalacho, Canada’s first rare earth producer
Loading up on improvements: Combining electrification and automation can lead to operating efficiencies

Volume 16 No. 5

August/September 2021

Project Profile: Orvana Minerals' El Valle operation in northern Spain
Technology: Improved intelligence
Tools of the trade at MINExpo

Volume 16 No. 4

June/July 2021

Names to Know 2021 | Optimized blasting through disruptive innovation | BEV safety share

Volume 16 No. 3

May 2021

FEATURE: Diamond versus diamond—Even though man-made diamonds have the potential to satisfy our appetite for sparkle, they may never rock the mined-diamond industry

TECHNOLOGY: New digital measuring tools are simplifying geotechnical engineering in challenging environments

PROJECT PROFILE: Trevali restarted the shuttered Caribou mine with a new lease on life

Volume 16 No. 2

March/April 2021

Rediscovering Aukam: A significant deposit located in a previously abandoned mine in Namibia means Gratomic is poised to become the world’s largest producer of vein graphite
Continuous flow: New digital tools and sensor technology complement the environmental and cost advantages of conveyor transport

Volume 16 No. 1

February 2021

The two sides of the coal story: While the demand for thermal coal evaporates, metallurgical coal is a growing commodity
Managing with an Eagle eye: Despite COVID-19 and the uncertainty the pandemic caused, Victoria Gold ramped up a new Yukon gold mine in 2020

Volume 15 No. 8

December 2020/January 2021

FEATURE: Drones for geophysics taking off
PROJECT PROFILE: The $1.7 billion Iamgold Côté Gold project
TECHNOLOGY: A new era of safety equipment comes in the form of unobtrusive wearable technologies that allow companies to reshape their health and safety protocols