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Volume 18 No. 8

November 2023

The Australian Wave: Canada’s rich mineral deposits and generous critical minerals incentives are attracting Australia-based companies, fostering collaboration between the two nations to secure a reliable supply of commodities needed for the energy transition

Volume 18 No. 6

September/October 2023

Two industries at a crossroads—The formalization of artisanal and small-scale mining may be necessary to help meet global demand for critical minerals
Cluff Lake rebirth—Orano Canada spent 21 years decommissioning and reclaiming its Saskatchewan uranium project—almost as long as the 22 years the mine was in operation
Screen time—Efficiency, uptime and optimization is the focus of companies offering a wide range of screening technologies

Volume 18 No. 5

August 2023


FEATURE: A new era is dawning for mining in Canada’s Prairie provinces

PROJECT PROFILE: Alamos Gold is aiming to turn its Island Gold mine in Ontario into one of the lowest cost and most profitable gold mines in Canada by 2026

TECHNOLOGY: Asset monitoring solutions are leveraging real-time data points for smarter maintenance spending and reduced downtime

Volume 18 No. 4

June/July 2023

Names to know 2023
Each year, we profile people who in some way are influencing the Canadian and international mining industry, whether through technical innovation, academic inquiry, community engagement or jurisprudence. Together, they are CIM Magazine’s 2023 Names to Know.

Volume 18 No. 3

May 2023

FEATURE: Several cutting-edge research projects aimed at advancing the mining industry are under way across the province of Ontario
PROJECT PROFILE: Fortuna Silver Mines’ Séguéla starts low-cost high-grade operation while exploration continues to strike gold
CIM 125: Insights, excerpts and curiosities from the archives of CIM

Volume 18 No. 2

March/April 2023

Iron ore for a greener future: Even though it is not considered to be a Canadian critical mineral, high-purity iron ore is absolutely critical when it comes to fighting climate change
Magino’s moment: A few hurdles along the way are not deterring Argonaut’s commitment to growing Magino into a top-producing Canadian gold mine
How to pump better: The right equipment and smart choices when deploying a a pumping system can lead to huge benefits

Volume 18 No. 1

February 2023

Finding common ground: Agreements with Indigenous communities in Canada are evolving into sophisticated partnerships
Flotation’s new frontier: New flotation technologies work to bring savings on costs and energy with greater recoveries

Volume 17 No. 8

December 2022/January 2023

The North redefined: New land-use rules are being written across the territories, and while there is currently a period of uncertainty, soon everybody will have a clear picture of where mining fits
Pieces of the puzzle: Canada Silver Cobalt Works is taking steps to build a mining and processing operation for high-grade silver and critical battery minerals
Pathways to clean powerThe avenues available for mining companies looking to shift towards 

Volume 17 No. 7

November 2022

Tailings management has been brought to the forefront of the industry, but much remains to be done to ensure future disasters are prevented | Assaying in the fast lane | Net-Zero Challenge: At the turning point