How to trim diesel from the power diet

Herb Mathisen

By automating energy management, microgrids allow miners to integrate more renewable energy into their power mix and empower batteries to step up and do the work of redundant gensets

Today’s task

Ryan Bergen, Editor-in-chief

Some thoughts on surviving the withering stare of angry teens

Water pressure

Alexandra Lopez-Pacheco

Essential, long-undervalued and in some locations increasingly scarce, the water that flows in and out of operations in the service of mineral processing is a growing preoccupation for miners

Could in-situ mining replace traditional mining of certain metals?

Doris Hiam-Galvez of Hatch is leading the company’s effort to apply in-situ mining to Canadian deposits

Small modular nuclear reactors could provide an energy alternative for off-grid operations

Diane Cameron of Natural Resources Canada discusses the potential of small modular nuclear reactors in Canada