Get involved

Ian Ewing

Volunteering with professional organizations has created opportunities throughout Andrea Lougheed’s career

Energy efficiency wins

Carolyn Gruske

International energy engineer of the year 2020, Emily Thorn Corthay, offers advice about how to make mining operations cleaner and more efficient

A year to remember

Samantha Espley, CIM President

2020 started with a bang, and ended with the quiet display of our enduring resilience

Designing Sustainable Prosperity

Doris Hiam-Galvez

A means of building resilience in communities where mining companies are currently the sole providers of employment

Explosive forces

Ryan Bergen, Editor-in-chief

Social pressures are transforming free, prior informed consent

Making a difference

Kelsey Rolfe

Geotechnical engineer Andy Small advises mining students to consider working with tailings dams and to remember that professional reputations are worth developing and protecting