Environmental experiments

Antoine Dion-Ortega

Bruno Bussière and Marie Guittonny-Larchevêque discuss their reclamation work in northern Quebec

Men, machines and the environment in Copper Cliff

Sam Marcuson

Sam Marcuson, the recipient of the Metallurgy and Materials Society of CIM 2018 Airey award - the most prestigious award in Canadian metallurgy and materials science - traces the metallurgical and environmental history of the smelter, and in the process, sheds light on the dynamics between industry, engineering, environmental regulation and society. 


Digital twins in mining and mineral processing

Sohail Nazari

A digital replica of a mineral processing plant won't recover any metals on its own, but it is an essential element to optimizing operations using the latest technologies available. Sohail Nazari of Andritz explains

Mining data and data for mining

Dalia Asterbadi

If the mining industry is truly interested in re-imagining how value is extracted from rocks in the ground, its members could do a lot better than going back and forth with each other about how to innovate.