Assaying in the fast lane

Sarah St-Pierre

Lab-tech companies are breaking the mould when it comes to mineral assaying, introducing faster, more efficient methods

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Safety first

Carolyn Cooper

Technology, design and training ensure workers handling radioactive minerals stay safe and protected


At the turning point

Kelsey Rolfe

Rather than being “first to be second,” mining companies must take risks on new technology implementations now if they hope to meet their future net-zero goals


A global concern

Tijana Mitrovic

Tailings management has been brought to the forefront of the industry, but much remains to be done to ensure future disasters are prevented


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Break the Code, Not the Rock: Computed Tomography for Potash

Sponsored by CIM Magazine and Saskatchewan Research Council

X-ray computed tomography (CT) scanning is a non-destructive technique that reveals detailed 3-D structures that cannot be identified by visualization or 2-D X-ray radiography. 

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