Increasing site security, reusing mine tailings and modular mining vehicles are among the six innovative ideas that will have a shot at a $1-million investment from Goldcorp during the annual Disrupt Mining event during PDAC in March.

Commercial Pau, Envisioning Labs, ETF Mining, Gekko Systems, Hydrostor Inc. and RubberJet Valley have been selected as the semi-finalists for the March 3 event, and will get to present their ideas at the innovation expo.

The three finalists that will present at the Shark Tank-style live finale will be named in February.

The finalists will be judged by Goldcorp chairman Ian Telfer, University of British Columbia mining engineering student Jacob Yeung, KPMG global head of mining consulting Katie Valentine, Chrysalix Venture Capital founder and managing partner Wal van Lierop, and Sue Paish, the CEO of Canada’s Digital Technology Supercluster.

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“#DisruptMining is making an impact, spurring innovation, forging new partnerships and accelerating technological change,” Todd White, Goldcorp’s chief operating officer, said in a statement. “We’re looking forward to showcasing the semi-finalists and their technologies at #DisruptMining to continue to move innovation in our industry forward.”

Commercial Pau will present its Digital Remote Lock Out system, which is designed to improve on-site safety and security and reduce the time it takes to finish the lockout process. Its system involves the use of a biometric technology.

Vancouver-based consultancy Envisioning Labs has developed a way to reuse mine tailings to create concentrated solar power reflectors, which generate clean energy and sorbents – materials that can absorb liquids or gases – to reduce pollution.

ETF Mining, a European company with a Quebec subsidiary, has built fully electrified, digitalized and autonomous modular mining vehicles to both improve efficiency and limit environmental impact. The modular design allows new technologies to be integrated later on.

Modular equipment and processing technologies company Gekko Systems will showcase its new OnLine Gold Analyser, which will make it possible for mineral processors to determine the actual gold content of slurries and solutions in real time.

Hydrostor Inc. will show off its advanced compressed air energy storage technology. The technology takes off-peak energy from the grid or a renewable source to run an air compressor, which generates heated compressed air. The heat and air are separated and stored – the compressed air underground – then later recombined to turn a turbine to generate electricity as needed.

Italian startup company RubberJet Valley’s high-pressure water jet can break down large off-the-road tires using water pressures of between 2,000 and 3,000 bars. The broken down material can then be repurposed to make new tires or other rubber products.