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Slurry pipeline transportation is an area that has wide reaching applications in the mining and mineral processing industries. Engineers working in all aspects of the process can be involved in slurry pipeline design, operation or troubleshooting. Slurry pipeline transportation is also a field that is not adequately covered in undergraduate engineering courses. Consequently, engineers are generally ill-equipped when faced with designing a slurry transportation system or troubleshooting an existing installation. Often this leaves them unaware of the important parameters that need to be considered.

Slurry density (or solids concentration) is a key parameter in slurry pipeline design (to determine the solids throughput) and in process plant control (e.g., to determine reagent additions). Obtaining an accurate and representative measurement of the slurry density is often very difficult. Measuring slurry density is critical as it affects the frictional losses, power duty of the system and determines the solids carrying capacity of the pipeline. Often the method for measuring slurry density is a function of the slurry type.

SRC classifies slurries into three types: fine-particle (homogeneous), coarse-particle (settling) and industrial (settling). In this presentation, these three types will be discussed, along with the appropriate methods and technologies involved with measuring the slurry density for each slurry type. Attendees will come away with a better understanding of the advantages, disadvantages and challenges associated with each technology.

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Ryan Spelay
Principal Research Engineer
SRC’s Pipe Flow Technology Centre

 Ryan has 20 years of experience in slurry pipeline fluid mechanics and associated industrial operations. Dr. Spelay has extensive experience in multiphase mixtures, slurry pipeline transport and tailings operations studies, as well as slurry flow modelling for the mining industry. Dr. Spelay is a lead developer of SRC’s Pipe Flow Models and an instructor for SRC’s Slurry Pipeline System Courses. Learn more at src.sk.ca/pipeflow.