DECEMBER 1, 2022, 11 a.m. ESTWatch the recording

Digital technologies are transforming the operational landscape for the mining industry around the world by enabling efficiencies related to automation, collection of big data, and IoT which results in productivity gains. Specifically, in remote applications these solutions often require a highly reliable power solution that has a low GHG footprint and is in alignment with organizations corporate ESG goals. We’ll discuss how technologies such as EFOY Fuel Cells are being utilized by the mining industry to provide power for mine site communications (fixed/mobile), security & surveillance and environmental monitoring systems to name a few. With no harmful combustion emissions solutions such as EFOY Fuel Cells are enabling mining companies to achieve their goals of net zero emissions without sacrificing operational efficiencies.

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Chelsea Kovacs
Business Development Manager
SFC Energy

 Chelsea has been providing highly reliable, remote power solutions to various industries around the world for over 10 years. Over the years Chelsea has gained an in depth understanding of how to solve the common issue of finding a reliable, and autonomous power solution designed for harsh industrial environments. She has dedicated her career to helping customers reduce costs and improve operational efficiency with eco-friendly world class off-grid power solutions.