Courtesy of CoreLift.

On June 13, at the Northern Ontario Mining Showcase on the PDAC trade show floor, CoreLift unveiled its flagship product designed to make life easier for geologists everywhere. Like a “standing desk for geologists,” the CoreLift Mechanized Logging Table is capable of moving core boxes easier and lessening the physical strain geologists would endure moving hundreds of heavy core boxes. The table comes equipped with adjustable heights and an articulating top, as well as a roller top for easy movement. According to CoreLift general manager Eric Maag, the table represents a step towards making the industry more accessible to a variety of people, including those with physical disabilities.  “[It’s about] diversity of geology, right? We used to be like, ‘Ah, just toughen up,’” Maag said. “We want diverse people, but how can you have them working in a core logging facility if everybody has to manually move core boxes?” Making moving boxes easier makes moving boxes safer by removing the risk of repetitive strain injuries, but it can also improve productivity by reducing the time spent on physical labour. “You can make it safer and also make it faster,” Maag said. “So your geologists spend less time lifting core boxes and more time actually looking at the core and getting knowledge from it.”