Courtesy of RCT.

RCT’s ControlMaster Automation product is an agnostic platform that combines information and machine control of a wide variety of mining equipment. The platform is fully autonomous and is able to process machine data with minimal intervention required by machine operators which, according to RCT, decreases handover times, maintenance requirements and safety risks. “[The platform] has been enhanced with advanced features enabling faster auto tramming speeds, improved cornering speeds and articulated brakes,” said Brendon Cullen, RCT product manager of automation and control. “This year the platform was equipped with its newest AutoDump function enabling an underground loader to autonomously tram to a dump point and empty its bucket without operator intervention.” The platform can be adapted to equipment such as underground loaders, hydraulic shovels, excavators and more, and is capable of operating in temperatures from negative 45 degrees to up to 50 degrees celsius.