Courtesy of Dräger

Exposure to toxic gases is something many mining operations are concerned with. With the new series of PAC gas detection devices, Dräger says it is aiming to ensure fast, accurate and easy-to-understand gas detection. With 22 different detectors measuring 33 different types of gases, mining operations will be able to pick the option that works best for each project. “One of the big improvements is the extended run time of the detector,” Dräger product support manager Jason Morton explained. “Some of the versions of the PAC series can actually run 24/7 for up to two years before the battery needs to be replaced. We’ve also extended the operating range for a number of the versions, which allows the device to operate in temperatures down to -40C.” A backlit display, 360-degree alarm signal and D-Light testing compliance signal ensure that miners are aware of potential gases in their vicinity.