Courtesy of Exyn Technology.

Exyn Technology’s ExynAI is a flight guide software designed to make aerial robots and drones autonomous, allowing them to fly in complex environments without a pilot or GPS. ExynAI’s software algorithm uses light detection and ranging (LiDAR) along with 3D mapping to determine and map safe pathways for vehicle travel, producing optimal flight trajectories, according to Exyn Technologies. “This robot is a self-contained system that can intelligently understand where it is in the environment in real time,” Raffi Jabrayan, director of markets and industries at Exyn Technologies, told CIM Magazine. “Even if the environment is changing [it can] safely navigate a complex mission that you might prescribe to it, without having any input from the human beyond the initial mission.” ExynAI is “platform agnostic” and is designed to be compatible with multiple hardware and software options.