Courtesy of RPM Global.

RPMGlobal’s TALPAC-3D calculates truck and loader productivity and costs (TALPAC) by using a 3D user interface to simulate optimal haul routes and equipment selection. According to RPMGlobal, miners can import roads to the TALPAC-3D in order to create a 3D model of their entire haulage network and simulate the productivity of its material, equipment and roads. “It [can be] used in the long-term planning environment to calculate the productivity of various combinations of mining equipment to try and get the best match between loading unit and truck,” Adam Price, simulation product manager at RPMGlobal told CIM Magazine. “In the short-term environment, it is used to understand the best use of the equipment that is available, answering questions like ‘How many trucks should I put with that digger?’” The TALPAC-3D can import data from GPS devices and drones, and supports all major 3D surface and road formats.