Courtesy of Martin Engineering

When bulky materials get stuck in dump truck beds, operators often resort to jerking the bed up and down or getting out of the cab to manually dislodge the material using shovels, rods and mallets. The former is a tip-over hazard and hard on the equipment, and the latter brings operations to a halt and puts the operator at risk. With Martin Engineering’s Cougar MDC 12 400/700 vibrator, drivers can safely dislodge unruly material from inside the cab. The vibrator, activated by a push button, quickly breaks up the clumped material. A redesign of the electrical windings means the vibrator motor runs on less current – 13 amps – and a lower temperature than previous models. As a result, it can run for longer, and will put less strain on the vehicle’s electrical system. The vibrator can be retrofitted on most existing brackets and fits most electrical systems. It is dust- and water-resistant and can withstand punishing temperatures, from -30 to 50 C.