Courtesy of Scantech.

Scantech’s GEOSCAN-M elemental analyzer measures the elemental composition of ore and other materials, and can be used for bulk sorting, ore blending, quality monitoring and more. GEOSCAN-M uses prompt gamma neutron activation analysis, in which activated neutrons are absorbed by elements and give off gamma radiation specific to that element, in order to measure ore value and divert low-quality material away from processing. “The advantage of the product is that you're measuring a conveyed flow as close as possible to the start of the mining process,” Henry Kurth, chief marketing officer and minerals consultant at Scantech, explained. “You're measuring the composition and its variability as early as possible in the process so that you can still make decisions on the material.” According to Scantech, the GEOSCAN-M is customized and calibrated for each installation and application, and uploads data every 30 seconds to two minutes, allowing workers to respond to information in real time.