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ere at CIM Magazine, we try to report on the most compelling stories in the mining industry, those that capture where the industry is heading and what its leaders are thinking. However, it's you, the audience, that ultimately dictates the content – we want to cover that you're interested in reading about. In looking at this year's list of most popular articles there are it is clear that new technology is a perennial area of interest, as well as diversity and the implications of legal pot in Canada.

10. Mining companies adopt flexible work policies to accommodate new mothers
“People are going to start demanding those things”: women say flexibility is necessary in returning to work after childbirth. Part of our We Are Mining series
By Sara King-Abadi

9. Prospects good for long term copper price, despite current volatility
Lack of major copper discoveries mean supply will likely fall short of demand in next decade
By Sahar Fatima

8. How machine learning will disrupt mining
The power and pitfalls of predictive algorithms
By Guy Desharnais

7. Eight-year-old becomes miner for a day at Goldcorp’s Porcupine mines
Goldcorp becomes first mining company to be wish grantor for Make-A-Wish Foundation
By Kelsey Rolfe


6. Vale to transition Creighton deep zone to all-electric fleet
Vale will swap old diesel equipment at Creighton for electric, and develop Copper Cliff Phase 2, Victor projects as fully electric mines
By Kelsey Rolfe

5. All-female mine rescue team nabs People’s Choice award at international competition
Canadian teams Tahoe Canada and Diamonds in the Rough receive special diploma prizes at International Mines Rescue Competition
By Matthew Parizot

4. Innovation rush in the oil sands
Oil sands operators and suppliers alike are trying to find ways to reduce operations costs and cut emissions
By Alexandra Lopez-Pacheco

3. No wires, new ideas
Goldcorp trials new mining method at Musselwhite enabled by Orica’s WebGen wireless blasting system
By Ian Ewing

2. Reimagining a tired design
Teck Resources reuses old tires to build mechanically stabilized earth walls at Highland Valley Copper
By Cecilia Keating

1. Industry limited in drug testing options as pot becomes legal
Cannabis legalization not likely to prompt changes to workplace safety legislation, experts say
By Cecilia Keating


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