Throughout 2019 CIM Magazine will delve into how the mining workplace is changing and the strategies young professionals will need to build themselves a career in the digital mining industry.


The power of preparation, the pitch and a strong network
Stephen de Jong on being a young entrepreneur in mining
By Kylie Williams


Multidisciplinary studies for interdisciplinary solutions
Our educational systems need to better prepare students to meet the resource challenges of the future
By Richard Chuchla


Institutional innovation
How universities are trying to reinvent mining education to meet tomorrow's needs
By Alexandra Lopez-Pacheco


Standing out from the pack
Integra Resources CFO Andrée St-Germain offers advice on how young miners can become a “hot commodity”
By Virginia Heffernan

Alan Chong

How to talk shop
University of Toronto's Alan Chong on three important factors to help determine your communication strategy
By Alan Chong

Question conventional wisdom and have confidence
Abitibi Royalties’ CEO Ian Ball on seizing the right opportunities and challenging the status quo
By Kelsey Rolfe

The industrial incubator
Mining tech entrepreneur Shelby Yee on the productive potential of startups and miners working together
By Carolyn Gruske

Stay tuned for more profiles, trend pieces, and practical advice.