MARCH 24, 2022, 1:00 P.M. ET

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One of the common obstacles all mines have is managing water underground. Dewatering pumps are used to control the flooding. Join experts from Eaton who will present the benefits of Eaton’s family of dewatering pump panels (DPP). Eaton has been manufacturing application-specific mining panels for over 25 years. All of that experience and voice of the customer (VOC) has led to a diverse product offering.

The DPP assemblies are designed to withstand the harsh environment and are available in NEMA 12 & 4 construction. There are standard features for which the customer selects the preference of starter construction (NEMA or IEC) or alternate technologies such as vacuum starters or reduced voltage soft starters.

Some of the VOC has contributed to these assemblies incorporating door mounted viewing windows, combined with our VISI breakers. Being able to have a visual of the breaker being energized or deenergized provide the user with advanced visibility features for safety and confidence.

Dewatering pump starters mostly operate based on the position of floats. Multiple customers have also expressed a need for auto-pumping features, which would have the starter run the pump on a schedule or a discrete input. This has led to leveraging the intelligent motor management overload relay and creating a custom program that also enables the site to monitor and control the operations from surface. Communicating this data also enables the run time to be logged and be used to help schedule preventive maintenance.

Eaton’s mining solutions serve the needs of customers around Canada at every stage of mining, from exploration to processing, whether underground or on the surface. Join the webinar to learn more.

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Jeff Walsh
Product Line Manager of Industrial Controls, Eaton

 Jeff has 21 years of experience in the electrical industry, out of which, he spent 15 years in industrial controls. Jeff is excited to share more about our robust Mining Panels portfolio and the nuances of the different products.

Robert Rozon
Area Sales Manager – Northern Ontario, Eaton

 Over the past 20 years, Robert has been responsible for delivering and supporting Electrical Solutions in the Mining and Industrial Sector. Some of these solutions include Industrial Motor Control, Automation and Drives, and Power Distribution Solutions. Robert is looking forward to sharing his technical knowledge and experience with these products and solutions.