September 22, 2021, 4:00 P.M. EDT

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Join Ryan Stimpson, Minnovare's head of product and product strategy, for a presentation and discussion around Minnovare’s global database of downhole survey data for underground drilling for blastholes. Ryan will be sharing results of what the dominant sources of error were in the process and how technology is being used to improve drilling outcomes. 

Survey results are used to challenge some common preconceptions about which sources of error dominate in underground blasthole drilling for sites in North America and Canada.  The challenges of the current drilling process for the operator are discussed and a technology solution that largely mitigates the dominant source of error is proposed.­­ The effectiveness of the solution is demonstrated with client short- and long-term results. 

The effectiveness of the solution is demonstrated on the drilling outcomes of North American mines and the impact on productivity and profitability.

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Ryan Stimpson
Head of Product and Product Strategy

 An aeronautical engineer by training, Minnovare’s Head of Product and Product Strategy has worked in mining technology for the last 5 years. Part of the team that delivered the first Production Optimiser System which was developed through collaborations with mining clients throughout Australia and North America.