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Hand injuries are a major concern in the mining industry with traumatic hand injuries being a common occurrence and other long-term exposure injuries that follow. Not only do these injuries have a physical and mental cost associated for the workers, but they also lead to increased medical expenses, decline in productivity, and lost wages.

The good news is that hand injuries are the #1 preventable workplace injury across all industries. So, if hand injuries are so preventable, why are they so common?

Assessing barriers miners face to using gloves, understanding their work environment, and employing hand safety best practices are some of the steps in reducing hand injuries. Join us to learn about:

» How to improve employee glove compliance

» Barriers to using mining gloves and how to overcome them

» How to choose the right mining safety gloves

» How to build an effective hand safety program to keep miners safe

Superior Glove is a leading innovator in the design and manufacture of safety gloves and sleeves. Their products protect workers across the globe in many major industries, including construction, oil & gas, mining, and manufacturing.

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Carolina Bonilla
Hand Safety Specialist
Superior Glove

 Carolina Bonilla, territory manager at Superior Glove, has nearly a decade of experience working as an account manager in the industrial vertical. Her area of expertise is in providing PPE solutions for both open pit and underground mining.

Brian Edwards
Material sciences consultant

 Brian Edwards is a material sciences consultant working for technology companies, mining companies, and suppliers, with a focus on understanding their operational, maintenance, and developmental requirements. His technology and business leadership skills allow him to evaluate and match specific technologies and business solutions, providing clients with the greatest adoption benefits.