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March 17, 10 a.m. Et

In today’s world, we are accustomed to our cars alerting us to obstacles in our blind spots, providing visibility behind us when we are backing up, and the confidence those alerts and tools provide us as we drive. Expand those blind spots to around 140 feet, take away those alarms and visibility, and increase the weight of your vehicle to 400-500 tons and you get the idea of what a haul truck driver without a Collision Awareness System (CAS) is experiencing. Nothing is more important than making sure your mining employees make it through their day safely and back home to their families. As you can imagine, an effective CAS system can improve both the safety and the productivity of your mine.

Panelists from Wabtec’s Digital Mine will discuss how safeguarding people, equipment, and infrastructure is possible with a sophisticated and adaptable collision avoidance and reporting system developed specifically for the mining industry. In addition, we will demonstrate how Proximity Detection Solutions can be used to reduce vehicle interaction risk for above ground applications. Finally, we will look at the capabilities of current mine collision awareness systems including geo-fence based external actions, L8 and L9 equipment intervention, and detailed reporting.

This informative session will provide an opportunity to learn, see and engage in the future of Digital Mine.

PresenterS FROM Wabtec corporation

Kevin Shikoluk currently serves as Global Product & Marketing Director for Wabtec’s Digital Mine, formerly GE Transportation. Kevin is responsible for driving new product development, positioning and strategy for the business. Kevin is passionate about delivering digital solutions and honing in on Machine Learning strategies that help mining operations run more efficiently and safely. In addition, Kevin has close to 8 years serving the Digital Mine space.



Dave Fisk currently serves as Global North American Sales Director for Wabtec’s Digital Mine, formerly GE Transportation. David is responsible identifying commercial opportunities and aligning Wabtec’s solutions with the market need. Dave is keen to help customers turn challenges into new and sustainable business opportunities by sharing best safety practices around the globe. In addition, Dave has close to 25+ years serving the Mining Equipment and Digital Mine space.