Photo by James Hodgins

Positive changes are underway with the gradual re-opening of businesses and the government’s permission to expand social circles. This change is uplifting for all of us. The months of confined living have been quite wearing, so let’s get out and about (safely) while we can and soak up the joys of summer.

I’m excited to say that much of our Canadian mining industry is forging ahead with success. We’re adjusting rapidly and learning from one another, and we continue to earn a place as an essential service industry. This designation is a shot in the arm for our morale and for the Canadian economy. Indeed, mining operations have adapted in finding effective ways to protect workers and family members as a first priority. We are not only running our operations, we are reaching out to community members, and we are supporting first responders with much-needed PPE. All these efforts and outcomes reflect our industry’s resilience and caring culture.

In terms of next steps, we are holding the reins firmly in our hands and are steering the industry through uncharted territory, using centuries of collective experience and well-honed instincts. We have crossed the boundary into a new world and a new way of working. Now is the time to adapt and embrace the possibilities available to us. There is no going back to the pre-COVID world. The new world is one that demands greater responsibility to our people, our communities, and our planet. It’s an ideal opportunity to transform our industry with new innovation and technologies, with new relationships, and with new business outcomes. It is essential to embrace this opportunity to build a stronger, more responsible industry than ever before.

This July issue of CIM Magazine is one that celebrates excellence in the Canadian mining industry with well-deserved recognition to all the outstanding award winners. Although we haven’t celebrated in person this year, with stage lights and ceremony, our appreciation of these accomplishments is just as great. I am so proud of the 2020 CIM award winners and this is my personal thank you for your efforts in making our industry better. You are leaders and role models to all of us.

I urge all CIM members to please take time to recognize the winners and their demonstration of excellence in our industry. Let us continue this journey together, in finding ways to leverage the challenges ahead of us with creativity, teamwork, and determination.