Smart support

Alexandra Lopez-Pacheco

Canada’s National Research Council set out to develop low cost instrumented rock bolts. The technology is now being tested by a major miner.

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Forward, march!

Kylie Williams

Technology advances and creative applications are opening up the underground mine to industrial robots


The old models are obsolete

Sam Marcuson

With all the focus on innovation in mining, the talking heads have failed to realize one thing: Business drives technology, not the other way around


Play the angles

Joel Barde

A Canadian company is developing mining technology that could be a boon to miners when it comes to exploiting difficult-to-access deposits


Clothing as culture

Sahar Fatima

Covergalls founder Alicia Woods wants women to feel they belong in the industry. Part of our We Are Mining series


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McEwen Mining Innovation Lunch & Learn Series

Mining data and data for mining

Dalia Asterbadi

If the mining industry is truly interested in re-imagining how value is extracted from rocks in the ground, its members could do a lot better than going back and forth with each other about how to innovate.