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The hypemaster

Sahar Fatima

Integra Gold's executive chairman George Salamis has long been an advocate for disruption in the mining industry


A gold mine of garbage

Peter Braul

Researcher Maria Holuszko at UBC is developing processing techniques to extract metal value from the growing amount of electronic waste the world generates


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McEwen Mining Innovation Lunch & Learn Series

Energy storage solutions for the mining industry

David Forde

Interest in energy storage is on the rise, particularly in Ontario where high-power users face big penalties for drawing over their one megawatt limit. David Forde of Eco-H Technologies offers miners some work-arounds using energy storage.

McEwen Mining Innovation Lunch & Learn Series

A quantitative approach to project assessment

Mohan Srivastava

"The mining industry likes to speak with certainty, " says Mohan Srivastava, VP of TriStar Gold, and when it comes to resource reporting that means what is stated is almost certainly wrong. The geostatistician proposes another way of imagining a gold project.