Bugs in the backyard

Peter Braul

New Gold is collecting insects at New Afton as part of its plan to monitor biodiversity onsite

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A suicidal solution

Tom DiNardo

Dr. Yadav at UBC is working on a bio-engineered bacteria strain that cleans tailings water at oil sands operations


The carbon conundrum

Peter Braul

The global strategy for reducing carbon emissions currently hinges on some sort of carbon pricing scheme. But will that really mitigate emissions or just pass the buck?


The power of patience

Eavan Moore

Despite a long history of mining in the region, the team behind Dundee Precious Metals’ Krumovgrad project in Bulgaria had to work hard to lay a foundation of trust before building the mine


May 10, 2017

Minority report

Elle Crosby

Mining-friendly B.C. Liberals win minority mandate in close election

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McEwen Mining Innovation Lunch & Learn Series

Battery-powered LHDs

John Gravelle

John Gravelle details how AVS's battery-powered LHDs have taken advantage of lithium battery advances to carve out a place for electric vehicles underground.

McEwen Mining Innovation Lunch & Learn Series

Putting technology to work

Greg Baiden

Today there are automated tools that can do mining's "dirty, dangerous and dull jobs." Greg Baiden has built them and now he is ready to start a mining company to put those robots to work.