Innovation gathers momentum

Alexandra Lopez-Pacheco

As more performance and control technologies are added to the processing plant, the scale of what is possible continues to grow

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A staged start-up

Virginia Heffernan

Introducing innovation into the mining industry is difficult, even when you have a good idea. But Woodgrove Technologies’ co-founders forged ahead to convince industry leaders of the potential of their staged flotation reactor


A remediation idea takes root

Christopher Pollon

Are metal- and hydrocarbon-eating plants the answer to cleaning up brownfields? Nicholas Brereton of Université de Montréal aims to find out


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McEwen Mining Innovation Lunch & Learn Series

Mining data and data for mining

Dalia Asterbadi

If the mining industry is truly interested in re-imagining how value is extracted from rocks in the ground, its members could do a lot better than going back and forth with each other about how to innovate.