Seeing is understanding

Alexandra Lopez-Pacheco

BGC Engineering’s augmented reality software is helping the government bridge the communication gap in community consultations for the Giant Mine Remediation Project

A legacy project in progress

Robert Hiltz

The completion of a $1-billion retrofit at the Sudbury smelter begins a new era and spells the end of a local landmark

Regulatory trends in water discharge

Jon M. Dinges

Jurisdictions are beginning to develop quantitative criteria for water discharge. If mining companies want to successfully operate for years to come, they will have to adapt.

Tailings to the rescue

Cecilia Keating

Greg Dipple of UBC has discovered that certain mine tailings can be used for carbon sequestration, and the implications could be enormous

The three keys to conquering uncertainty

George Hemingway has a few ideas for how miners can future-proof themselves

Networking events a challenge for new mothers looking to participate, organizers trying to include them

Industry conferences attempt to keep up with needs of young mothers, but struggle with liability, cost of offering on-site childcare. Part of our We Are Mining series.

Two liabilities, one stone

Professor Ward Wilson is working on a project to combine wet tailings with acid rock drainage to eliminate both risks