Solving the selenium problem

Alexandra Lopez-Pacheco

The science behind selenium in the environment is young and the technology even younger, but for miners managing it, the element is an immediate concern.

Life goals

Christopher Pollon

The lessons from Julie Neilson's work can be applied to many desert-like environments where copper is mined and reclamation is an important public relations and health issue

Rethinking regulation

Kate Sheridan

Audit argues British Columbia mines ministry unfit for enforcement role

Injection hoisting

Watch the idea behind #DisruptMining’s People’s Choice winning presentation. Inspired by drilling practices in the oil and gas sector, Alun Jones of Cementation Canada explains how they have re-imagined how mine shafts could be developed.

Field tested

Case studies in the hardware and software behind improved milling plant performance

Major manufacturers hike prices for off-the-road tires

At least seven manufacturers announced price increases