One size doesn't fit all

Kylie Williams

Saskatchewan Research Council is using custom-designed covers and 3D mapping to begin the remediation of abandoned Cold War legacy uranium mine sites in the province’s remote north

A remediation idea takes root

Christopher Pollon

Are metal- and hydrocarbon-eating plants the answer to cleaning up brownfields? Nicholas Brereton of Université de Montréal aims to find out

Clear and clean

Kylie Williams

Water is an existential concern for miners, and as fresh water becomes less available, mining companies are looking for ways to reduce and recycle the water they use

Turf-covered geomembranes

A closure method to reduce financial and environmental liability

The nuts and bolts of 3D printing

Stacey DelVecchio explains how Caterpillar is using 3D printing now and the company's vision for how it will be used in heavy equipment and mining in the future

Goldie Nejat creates helpers for helpers

Nejat's passion for engineering and healthcare led her to the study of assistive robots