A better way to evaluate social risk

Tony Andrews

Focusing on the company-community interface to understand conflict is treating the symptom rather than the underlying cause. Examination of the conflict pathway leads to better understanding and more effective mitigation strategies.

Diamond Typing

SRC and CIM Magazine

The Saskatchewan Research Council (SRC) shares key learnings from their research and experience in diamond processing, as well as mineral processing and analysis

Social standing

Kelsey Rolfe

With the recent tailings dam failure in Brazil, investors want more transparency around the inherent risks of mining

Inward and upward

Cecilia Keating

Mining companies grapple with how to adapt their workforce to the evolution in digital technologies

Creating competence

Anne Johnson of Queen’s University argues that teaching intercultural competence to young engineers will improve communication with local communities

B2Gold exceeds production guidance in the first quarter

B2Gold posts higher production at four of its five producing mines