Innovation to improve the exploration odds

Virginia Heffernan

As the industry struggles to find deposits to replace depleted mines and meet new demand, technologies are emerging to make the search a bit easier and less costly

Vanadium’s day

Sarah Treleaven

As the price of vanadium skyrockets, Vancouver-based First Vanadium tries to get its Nevada project off the ground

Safety gear gets smarter

Robert Hiltz

An array of sensors and technologies is giving miners a virtual shield to protect them underground

Efficiency gains

Kylie Williams

Replacing conventional flotation cells with modern Jameson Cells made for a smaller footprint and lower operating costs at Glencore’s Mount Isa mine

Sweet success

Virginia Heffernan

The team at Harte Gold is taking a staged approach to bring its Sugar Zone operation to full production

Diamonds: Find your next "big one" intact

The Saskatchewan Research Council (SRC) shares key learnings from their research and experience in diamond processing, as well as mineral processing and analysis

No wires, new ideas

As Goldcorp’s Musselwhite mine went deeper, dilution began exceeding expectation and the gold miner turned to Orica’s wireless blasting system

Seeing is understanding

BGC Engineering’s augmented reality software is helping the government bridge the communication gap in community consultations for the Giant Mine Remediation Project