Customized comminution

Kylie Williams

Malcolm Powell and Lawrence Nordell teamed up to fill a void in comminution: efficient mill liners

Mine security in the digital age

Ian Ewing

Not only data, but equipment health and personnel safety are also at risk if miners aren’t on their guards against cyberattacks

No wires, new ideas

Ian Ewing

As Goldcorp’s Musselwhite mine went deeper, dilution began exceeding expectation and the gold miner turned to Orica’s wireless blasting system

Fumble-free handoff

Matthew Parizot

Hatch’s Operational Readiness Management System (ORMS) is helping projects get started the right way

How can companies connect disparate data silos?

Alexandra Lopez-Pacheco

The automation revolution has begun and data is flowing. The next step in the march toward the intelligent mine is to facilitate information sharing between systems.

The key to a burning problem

Alexandra Lopez-Pacheco

BBA recently acquired a technology to assess self-heating sulfides, a ubiquitous issue few mining companies admit to

Prospects good for long term copper price, despite current volatility

Lack of major copper discoveries mean supply will likely fall short of demand in next decade

Tailings to the rescue

Greg Dipple of UBC has discovered that certain mine tailings can be used for carbon sequestration, and the implications could be enormous

Teck installs first production-scale machine learning system

Machine learning predicts when trucks will need maintenance at Fording River coal mine