In search of answers

Virginia Heffernan

The number of new mineral discoveries has been dropping for years. But emerging technology and creative thinking could be the ticket to the future of mining

The Dome School of Mines

Kelsey Rolfe

On the eve of the closure of the Dome mine, CIM Magazine spoke with current and former employees about its place in mining history

Sharper shooters

Kylie Williams

Handheld and on-site geochemistry and mineral analysis tools are evolving to be faster, more precise and more connected than ever before

Tough questions

Elle Crosby

Suicide prevention program asks miners to be their brothers’ keepers

Figuring out the flowsheet

Alexandra Lopez-Pacheco

Process plant designers and suppliers are prepared to take on risk in order to improve operations

Predictive analytics at the mine site

Scanimetrics’ Steven Slupsky shares real-life examples which highlight how sensor technology has taken the guesswork from asset and process monitoring.

Atlantic pearls

The team at Atlantic Gold is taking a new approach to mine development, as it leads the renaissance of gold mining in Nova Scotia         

Elizabeth Croft brings women in STEM together

Elizabeth Croft is a mechanical engineer in the field of robotics and is a strong supporter of women in engineering, both in academia and industry.