Unnecessary interruptions

Alexandra Lopez-Pacheco

Improved material handling the product of smarter modelling, design and monitoring

Goldilocks autonomy

Alexandra Lopez-Pacheco

Autonomous operations does not have to be an all-or-nothing application

The architect

Kylie Williams

Kalev Ruberg, vice-president of Teck Digital Systems and chief information officer, says building an end-to-end model of the whole mine and a strong analytics team are key to ensuring success

The forward thinker

Christopher Pollon

Newtrax Technologies’ new COO, Lawrence Clark, has emerged as a champion for the adoption of technology in mining to make the industry safer and attract young talent

The innovator

Ryan Bergen

Rio Tinto’s Stephen McIntosh is overseeing the transformation of the company’s operations through automation and advanced technologies

The data miner

Kevin Martine

Goldcorp’s Maura Kolb is overseeing the company’s partnership with IBM to use artificial intelligence to detect exploration targets

From mining's Dark Age to a mining innovation Renaissance

"We need to start moving away from empirical systems to quantified engineering principles, given the level of uncertainty we have in our industry."

Mining goes mobile

Low-cost, handheld applications to make field work flow better

Agnico Eagle gets LTE underground at LaRonde

New LTE system at Agnico's LaRonde to be deployed more than three kilometres underground