A short solution for the long haul

Peter Braul

The sensors are in place and the data are pouring in. But what’s the most effective way to understand and act upon that information to optimize operations?

Tapping big data

Christopher Pollon

Marcus Thomson explains CEMI's newly created Mining Observatory Data Control Centre

The nuts and bolts of 3D printing

Elle Crosby

Stacey DelVecchio explains how Caterpillar is using 3D printing now and the company's vision for how it will be used in heavy equipment and mining in the future

Interactive engineering

Alexandra Lopez-Pacheco

Augmented reality, mixed reality and the future of project design

A watertight design

Elle Crosby

Mike Johnston and his team at Nautilus prepare to unleash their specially designed mining machines on the ocean floor

Combining geostats, AI and VR to find gold deposits

Jean-Philippe Paiement explains how SGS has combined historical geological data with machine learning and virtual reality tools to identify and visualize drilling targets

The gilded South

The Haile mine in South Carolina counters the trend of increasingly remote, logistically complex mines. In fact, it belongs to a long tradition of mining in the area. And it is a project that the team at OceanaGold continues to build on, having already announced expansion plans for the newly commissioned mine

Women of Innovation

Women of Innovation recounts the stories of 20 inspiring and innovative women engineers in Canada