The complex journey to a simple solution

Alexandra Lopez-Pacheco

For years Niobec lived with seasonal variation in niobium flotation recovery until the winter of 2014, when it became too much to bear

Excellon wins the water war

Kylie Williams

Fed up with production delays due to water ingress, Excellon Resources developed a comprehensive dewatering project at its Platosa mine in Mexico that helped double production

All-terrain computers

Kaaria Quash

Hexagon Mining's new industrial computers designed to withstand the the tough conditions of the field

Innovation to improve the exploration odds

Virginia Heffernan

As the industry struggles to find deposits to replace depleted mines and meet new demand, technologies are emerging to make the search a bit easier and less costly

All in for electric

Nouveau Monde Graphite's all-electric graphite mine in Quebec is closer to reality, as the company now has both a feasibility study and an offtake agreement for its Matawinie project

Brazil bans upstream tailings dams after Córrego do Feijão collapse

Upstream dams in Brazil must be decommissioned by August 2021, country’s mining agency says