Courtesy of Epiroc

Epiroc’s hydraulic breaker attachments are getting safer and smarter thanks to the company’s new Intelligent Protection System, which now comes with five of its heavy attachments, designed for carriers of between 22 and 80 tonnes. In a press release, the company said the system “makes the breaking process even simpler for the operator by automatically adapting the breaker’s operating behavior to any working condition.” To do this, the system combines Epiroc’s AutoControl and StartSelect features. StartSelect allows the breaker to sense when its chisel point is aligned with the rock and automatically start and stop, preventing any potential dry firing that could result in tool damage, while the AutoControl system can automatically adjust the piston’s stroke length based on the changing pressure between the chisel point and the target material. Epiroc said the system’s benefits include longer tool life and little to no operator intervention, resulting in a safer and more efficient breaking process. The company plans to incorporate the Intelligent Protection System across all its heavy class breakers by the end of the year.