Courtesy of Caterpillar

Caterpillar has announced the MD6200 Rotary Blasthole Drill, which it said is its smallest and most transportable rotary drill to date. The MD6200 is capable of rotary or down-the-hole drilling, and can angle itself between negative 15 and plus 30 degrees from inside the cab with no additional setup. Caterpillar has also included an ergonomic interior and optional upgrades such as heated seats for the drill operator. “[The MD6200 is] transportable with its mast on, so no extra permitting is needed to move it on public roads,” Caterpillar surface drill marketing manager Jason Anderson said in a presentation to media. “[It has a] heavy duty undercarriage that gives it durability to handle extra tramming.” The new drill’s electronics also offer a platform for automated controls, should the mine decide to prioritize remote control.