A tool for these times

Philippe Lebleu

AMC Consultants' Philippe Lebleu argues the newest generation of mine planning software helps miners optimize complex operations well into their future

A gold mine of garbage

Peter Braul

Researcher Maria Holuszko at UBC is developing processing techniques to extract metal value from the growing amount of electronic waste the world generates

The disrupter

Kelsey Rolfe

Wearable technology is just one way Michelle Ash, Chief Innovation Officer at Barrick Gold, is shaking things up for the major miner

The innovator

Kylie Williams

The Injection Hoisting System has the potential to replace hoists and fleets of trucks for moving ore to the surface, says Alun Price Jones, technical director at Cementation Canada

The millennial

Kylie Williams

Mohammad Babaei has already worked in academia, consulting and for a mine operator, all before the age of 30

The hypemaster

Sahar Fatima

Integra Gold's executive chairman George Salamis has long been an advocate for disruption in the mining industry

Energy storage solutions for the mining industry

Interest in energy storage is on the rise, particularly in Ontario where high-power users face big penalties for drawing over their one megawatt limit. David Forde of Eco-H Technologies offers miners some work-arounds using energy storage.

Less is more

The smelter in Kitimat, B.C. started up in the 1950s, and after a major upgrade, the operation is turning out even more aluminum while keeping its environmental impact in check

Heavy lifting

Saskatchewan uranium is poised to help wean the world off its dependency on Chinese heavy rare earth elements thanks to developments from the Saskatchewan Research Council