Diamond days are here

SRC and CIM Magazine

The Saskatchewan Research Council (SRC) shares key learnings from their research and experience in diamond processing, as well as mineral processing and analysis

Klondike Kate

Jordan Faries

Shaaw Tláa, part of the prospecting group that kicked off the Yukon gold rush, is finally recognized for essential role in Canada’s mining history

Creating competence

Sarah Treleaven

Anne Johnson of Queen’s University argues that teaching intercultural competence to young engineers will improve communication with local communities

Checking the pulse on gender equity

At the University of Saskatchewan, Jocelyn Peltier-Huntley is researching the state of diversity and inclusion in today’s mining industry. Part of our We Are Mining series 

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The top ten most read stories of this year

Editors' picks of 2018

The editors of CIM Magazine choose their favourite stories of 2018