The cure for “go fever”

Roy Slack

There is always the temptation to get a project off the ground quickly in order to finish as soon as possible. But without proper preparation, this can have dire consequences

The bacteria below

Christopher Pollon

Peter Winterburn of UBC explains how the industry could use genomics for exploration

Zero harm - It can be done!

Vic Pakalnis

Ontario’s zero fatalities recorded in 2016 is the result of changes in legislature and shifts in general practices that started more than 40 years ago

Energy storage solutions for the mining industry

Interest in energy storage is on the rise, particularly in Ontario where high-power users face big penalties for drawing over their one megawatt limit. David Forde of Eco-H Technologies offers miners some work-arounds using energy storage.

Bugs in the backyard

New Gold is collecting insects at New Afton as part of its plan to monitor biodiversity onsite

A suicidal solution

Dr. Yadav at UBC is working on a bio-engineered bacteria strain that cleans tailings water at oil sands operations