A remediation idea takes root

Christopher Pollon

Are metal- and hydrocarbon-eating plants the answer to cleaning up brownfields? Nicholas Brereton of Université de Montréal aims to find out

It’s time to classify waste

Ljiljana Josic and Lawrence Devon Smith

The mining industry already has a way to classify value. It is time to create a system to classify waste

Invention born of necessity

Renee Sylvestre-Williams

Sudbury miner Theresa Nyabeze has a story to tell. Part of our We Are Mining series

The old models are obsolete

Sam Marcuson

With all the focus on innovation in mining, the talking heads have failed to realize one thing: Business drives technology, not the other way around

Combining geostats, AI and VR to find gold deposits

Jean-Philippe Paiement explains how SGS has combined historical geological data with machine learning and virtual reality tools to identify and visualize drilling targets

An algorithm for the ages

How one paper in the CIM Bulletin launched a discipline